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Getting Started
You've already taken the first step!
You are concerned about your finances and have sought the help of trained professionals.

Together, we will take the next steps toward your financial security.

Step 2
Fill out our FREE Online Questionnaire.
Upon completion we will contact you and review your budget options. To help you get ready for your new budget please read Appointment Needs.


You can also contact us by phone, e-mail, or fax.
We will need to know the names of each of your creditors and how much you owe them.

Examples of Creditors:
Credit Cards
Personal Loans
Medical Debts
Other Outstanding Debts

Local: (918) 492-5585
Toll Free: (800) 342-7686
Fax: (918) 492-5587

Step 3
After reviewing your information, we will contact you with an estimate of your monthly payment and interest savings, and we will set up a meeting to determine your debt recovery plan.

Step 4
We will help you develop a balanced monthly spending plan. This is a critical issue. Without a balanced budget, you will not succeed. Your budget is made up of the following parts:

I. Total monthly take home pay

II. Expenses

Monthly expenses
Examples: Tithe, Mortgage/Rent, Utilities, Telephone, Cell Phone, Food, Car Payment, Insurance (if paid monthly), Gasoline, Life Insurance (if paid monthly), Eating Out, Cable TV, Bank Fees, etc.

Examples: Property Insurance (if not part of mortgage payment), Property Taxes (if not part of mortgage payment), Homeowners Association Annual Fees, Car Insurance (if not paid monthly), Car Repairs, Car Tags, Life Insurance (if not paid monthly), Gifts, Clothing, Trips, etc.

Debt recovery payment
(Lump sum each month required to pay your debts.)

Your monthly income and your total monthly expenses must match to have a balanced spending plan.

From the monthly spending plan, we will then set up a "Division of Pay". To do this we will list your income by pay period and will list under each pay period what expenses need to be paid during that period. This is a spending plan you can use (with adjustments) for the rest of your life. We request that we be able to review this plan with you for at least three to four months in a row to make sure that it meets your needs.

The "Division of Pay" will help you overcome four problems that blow your funds.

The "squeaky wheel" dilemna
The Squeaky Wheel Delimna is paying more on a debt than you can really afford thereby leaving a cash flow problem.

The "emergency" crisis
The Emergency Crisis is when you take care of an emergency (i.e., necessary car repair) without regard to other expenses in a given month.

The "free money" falsehood
The Free Money Falsehood is when you have paid all the bills and you blow the rest without regard to future expenses.

The "time-waster, money-through-your-fingers" disaster
The Time Waster Money Through Your Fingers Disaster is when you put off paying your bills because you don't have enough money to pay all of them. When you finally get around to paying them you discover that you have less money than before.

Step 5
Watch your debt shrink and your savings, happiness, and stability grow as you follow your budgeting and debt recovery plans!

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