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Our Purpose
The overall goal of Christian Credit Counseling Service is to provide help for individuals and families who have found themselves in financial crisis. Our objective is to help them find financial freedom.

The building blocks of our program are:
Buget Counseling
Debt Recovery

During all phases of counsel, our ongoing objectives are to provide practical solutions to money management problems.

A trained counselor analyzes the individual's or family's present financial situation and assists in developing a realistic spending plan designed specifically to meet their needs.

For the individual or family already in difficulty, a budget will be developed to meet current obligations. A counselor will develop a realistic repayment schedule that is workable for the family and acceptable to the creditors.

In many cases, the creditors will accept smaller payments, and in some cases, will reduce future interest and penalty charges. This process enables individuals or families to focus on present money management and return to normalcy.

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