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Am I in Trouble?
If any of the statements below apply to you, debt management and budget counseling can help.

  • I don't know the total amounts of my debts and obligations.
  • It is very difficult for me to save any money at all.
  • It seems to be a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.
  • There have been occasions when I have paid late charges on loans or credit cards.
  • I pay only the minimum payments on credit cards.
  • I have used (or plan to use) a consolidation loan to pay my bills.
  • I have argued with my spouse over finances.
  • An increased percentage of my income is being used to pay bills.
  • I have approached or am about to reach the limits on my credit cards.
  • I receive calls from debt collection agencies.
  • I have been threatened with repossession of my car or have had credit cards closed by the creditors.
  • I have put off medical or dental visits because of financial problems.
  • I have reached the point where I would be in immediate financial difficulty should I have an interruption in my income.
  • I do not carry adequate insurance because of financial problems.
  • I am behind on child support or other court-ordered payments.
  • I am afraid to add up my debts.
  • I have had insufficient funds checks within the last 12 months.
  • I am unable to obtain credit due to my credit report.
  • I have been turned down for an apartment or home mortgage because of my credit report.

As published by the Tulsa World 12-19-01
Writer: Phil Mulkins, Action Line

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